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Komodo. The lure of the unexplored is irresistible, so embark on a journey in a real life "Jurassic Park" above and below the surface of the seas. These are the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, one of the last frontiers of the underwater world, boasting some of the finest dive sites imaginable.


The “Ombak Biru” sails 7 and 11-night dive live aboard cruises year round. Our on-board dive operation runs the most sophisticated air and nitrox system available. Our experienced crew and dive masters deliver you to the breathtaking dive sites. After your dive it's back on board to our trademark hot towels and hot showers!


 Most of your dives will be in the Komodo National Park Reserve, an area playing host to more than 1,100 species of fish such as jacks, mantas and the occasional whale shark.



 Most world-class diving sites are usually formed by either unusual volcanic formations of undersea rock or by massive amounts of limestone (coral) deposits.


The dive areas of Indonesia that we visit are blessed with both!


Between the islands are vast unexplored coral reefs teeming with unusual tropical reef fish. With a careful eye, even the most experienced fish watcher will discover hundreds of new species of brilliantly colored reef fish.


Between the islands are vast unexplored coral reefs teeming with unusual tropical reef fish. With a careful eye, even the most experienced fish watcher will discover hundreds of new species of brilliantly colored reef fish.


Plus an astounding array of invertebrates, some of which have never even been properly identified!


Whether you are ripping along the top of a sea mount on a current dive, poking around in the shallows late in the day or night, or visiting the islands on a topside adventure in search of the famous Komodo Dragons, Indonesia is calling!!


The on-board dive operation of the Ombak Biru has been painstakingly put together to enable you to discover the thrilling diving that the Komodo region has to offer. From our state of the art gas compression systems to high end scuba training, the Ombak Biru has it all!


Courses: We are equipped to teach many of the PADI and TDI scuba courses and many specialites too. Due to our location, destinations and the equipment that we have on board we highly recommend our Photographic and Video programs as well as our Nitrox/EANx courses.


The “Ombak Biru” was constructed in 2001. She is built and rigged as a traditional Buginese schooner but with all modern conveniences to make sure you are safe and comfortable during your dive liveaboard cruise.



11-day Bali - Komodo - Bali Liveaboard Scuba Cruise



Day 1 - Bali to Satonda


 09:00 Embarkation Benoa Harbor, South Bali.


09:30 Depart Benoa for Satonda.


Dive briefing after departure.



Day 2 – Satonda


08:00 - Arrive at Satonda. 08:30 - Dive Lake Entrance Bay. 11:30 - Dive Sand Chute. 15:00 - Dive North Wall. 17:30 - Dive Lost Boys. 18:15 - Bat Watching. 18:45 - Depart for Gili Banta.



Day 3 – Banta


 06:30 - Arrive at Gili Banta. 08:30 - Dive GPS Point. 11:30 - Dive Star Wars. 14:30 - Dive K2. 18:30 - Night Dive The Circus. 21:00 - Depart for Komodo National Park.



Day 4 - Komodo National Park


03:00 - Arrive Komodo National Park Ranger Station. 08:00 - Depart for Dragon Walk. 11:00 - Dive Pink Beach. 13:00 - Depart for Padar. 15:00 - Dive W Reef. 16:30 - Nature Walk to Pink Beach/Padar. 18:30 - Night Dive Pasir Putih.



Day 5 - Komodo National Park


 Arrive Nusa Kode. 8:30 - Dive Yellow Wall. 11:00 - Dive Cannibal Rock. 14:30 - Dive Pelican Head West. 18:30 - Night Dive Cannibal Rock.



Day 6 - Komodo National Park


08:00 - Arrive Tatawa. 08:30 - Dive Tatawa Besar. 11:30 - Dive Tatawa Kecil. 12:30 - Depart for Sebayur. 14:30 - Dive Sebayur. 19:00 - Night Dive Sebayur.



Day 7 - Komodo National Park


 07:00 - Arrive Sabolan. 08:00 - Dive Sabolan Kecil. 09:00 - Depart for Tatawa. 12:30 - Dive Tatawa Kecil. 14:00 - Depart for Gili Lawah Darat. 15:30 - Dive Pygmy Paradise. 18:30 - Night Dive Pygmy Paradise.



Day 8 - Komodo National Park



Day 9 - Komodo National Park


08:00 - Dive Moncho - Inner Bay. 09:00 - Move to Gili Banta. 10:30 - Dive Inside Banta Bay. 13:30 - Dive GPS Point. 16:30 - Dive K2. 17:30 - Depart for Satonda.



Day 10 - Satonda / Madang


 06:00 - Arrive Satonda. 07:30 Dive - Lake Entrance Bay.


09:00 - Depart for Madang. 12:30 - Dive Shark Reef. 13:30 - Depart for Lombok Manta Dive. 16:00 - Dive Lombok Manta Dive. 18:00 - Depart for Tulamben.



Day 11 - East Bali


06:00 - Arrive Tulamben - 08:00 - Dive SS Liberty Shipwreck. 12:00 Dive - Batu Kelibit. 14:30 - Dive The Drop Off. 17:00 - Dive SS Liberty.



Day 12 - Benoa, Bali


03:00 Depart for Benoa. 09:00 - Arrive Benoa.


Please note that the Operators reserve the right to change our itineraries at all times due to weather and sea conditions, availability of safe anchorage, government regulations and other factors.


Please call for the departure dates and prices for this adventure Holiday.