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A Weekend in Guangzhou 3 days/ 2 nights



Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province and is the third largest city in China. Known in the West as "Canton", the food and the language of the area is still known as "Cantonese." As a major sea port, Guangzhou's history of more than 2000 years, is full of colour.


The city was part of the so called "Maritime Silk Road" that linked southern China with India, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. As a result of its links with the Middle East, a mosque was established in the city in 627, and a small Muslim community continues to live in Guangzhou to this day. 


In 758 the city was ransacked by the Persians and in 1711 the British East India Company established a trading post here. In 1842 the Treaty of Nanjing was signed, which designated the city as one of the five ports that were allowed business transactions with foreign nations. Today, Guangzhou is China's centre of foreign trade.   




 Day 1 Friday      Hong Kong to Guangzhou


 Depart Hong Kong by rail


 Arrive Guangzhou (Journey time approx. 1 hour 40 mins.) 


 Evening meal can be taken in the train's Dining Car 


 Met on arrival and transfer to the hotel.


 Hotel:  Villa Seven of Zhu Dao Guesthouse.
Villa Seven offers seven rooms, two of which are suites, one a double room and the remainder are twin rooms. It is sold as a complete villa so if your party is smaller we will recommend alternative accommodation.
Guangzhou Pearl RiverThe Guesthouse is owned and managed by the Chinese Government  and the Villa was built in the early 1950's. It is in a garden setting beside the Pearl River and is an oasis of quiet in this very busy city.
The nearby VIP Building, which is not open to the public, has accommodated both Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai;
apparently the accommodation remains virtually unchanged since that time.



 Day 2 Saturday      Guangzhou


 Breakfast at the Guesthouse.

Depart at 09:30 for the magnificent Chen Clan Academy. Continue to the Guangzhou Museum at the Zhenhai Tower, part of the ancient city wall, and then stroll through the park to the Baiyun Restaurant for lunch.
After lunch, visit the Tomb of the King of Southern Yue and see his jade burial suit sewn with silk thread.
Guangzhou Shopping Street
At 17:30 depart for a sundowner at the interesting old Ta Ying Lou tower, erected circa 1910, which overlooks the Pearl River. It was once home to Chen Shaobai, an intimate friend of Sun Yat-sen and a patriot in the Xinhai Revolution of 1911. 
Guangzhou Decorated building
At 19:30 continue to the stylish Pearl Peninsula Restaurant which overlooks the Pearl River and the Zhu Dao Hotel. The Restaurant is only a short stroll back across the bridge to Villa Seven.
Overnight at the Villa Seven of Zhu Dao Guesthouse.




Day 3 Sunday         Guangzhou  to Hong Kong


Make a short stop at Guangzhou Cathedral before proceeding to a very old quarter of the city.


Stroll along Guangzhou's interesting old "antiques street" beside Liwan Park, to the famous old Panxi Restaurant for a dim sum lunch.


After lunch, go shopping at a colourful local market.


Those not wishing to go shopping may prefer to enjoy a cold drink at the nearby 1920's Café and Bar, a popular haunt for Guangzhou expatriates.
Transfer directly for Guangzhou East Railway Station.
Depart Guangzhou by train.
Evening meal can be taken in the train's Dining Car
Arrive Hong Kong 



This suggested itinerary can be tailored to suit your own requirements. It can also include other destinations in Guangdong Province or elsewhere in China.