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SHENZHEN IS FUN--A Guided Introduction to Shenzhen and it's Shopping

 A tour to Shenzhen from Hong Kong 





Many who have been living in Hong Kong for a long time, can easily remember when there was nothing but a fishing village, rice paddies and duck farms where Shenzhen stands today.


Shenzhen is now the third largest city in China and it is only 30 years old.


Enjoy a day trip, an overnight, or a weekend in Shenzhen, in the company of someone who knows the city well and can provide you with an overview of all that this amazing modern metropolis has to offer when it comes to shopping.


In addition, of course, there are the spas, massage centres, bars and restaurants.


Getting around Shenzhen on your own, when you can’t speak the language, can be very difficult, frustrating and time wasting. The purpose of this tour is to acquaint you with the main places of interest in Shenzhen and any in which you might have a special interest. We will be able to assist you in locating the best locations/shops for your purposes.


You will travel by local transportation, the metro and buses, and you will be shown how to purchase the equivalent of Hong Kong’s “Octopus” card. You might even wish to retain it for your next visit to Shenzhen when you might like to tackle the city on your own.


Just across the border at Lowu, is the enormous Commercial City building, very often the only Shenzhen shopping location Hong Kong’s expatriate visitors ever get to see. This shopping experience, while certainly very exciting, is not in any way representative of all that Shenzhen has to offer. There are fakes galore and most of them are very cheap and usually very well made. It’s a pretty rough experience though and the venue tends to be somewhat dirty and untidy. There are also plenty of touts.


Moving on from here is what your tour is all about.  


Destinations you can explore in the company of your guide include Dong Men Pedestrian Street, with greater variety and even better prices than Commercial City, Hua Qiang Bei, the centre of the world’s electronics industry where you can buy anything electrical, Shenzhen Book City and Dafen Oil Painting Village to name but a few. There is also Yitian Holiday Plaza, the largest shopping mall in Shenzhen and the nearby Macalline home furnishing and decoration complex with a truly bewildering array of furniture, decorative items and home lighting shops.


Contact Concorde Travel to plan a trip for just yourself, your family or a group of friends. Overnight accommodation will be arranged to suit your budget.