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Highlights of Shenzhen City







Depart Shenzhen on a full day sightseeing excursion. In the morning drive approximately 28km from the urban area of Shenzhen to Luo Rui He village in Long Gang town, Shenzhen City. Our destination is the interesting Crane Lake New Residence.


In a good state of preservation, this Hakka residence possesses a long history, having been first erected in the period of the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1735-1796).


As a result of the efforts of three generations of the Luo family, the villa was finally completed in 1817 in the reign of the Jiaqing Emperor of the Qing Dynasty.


The villa covers an area of approximately 25,000 square metres with the residence itself occupying 14,500 square metres. The construction has more than 300 rooms. These include an ancestral temple, pavilions, towers, halls and reception areas. Many architectural styles are represented.


The museum provides important evidence of Shenzhen's history, culture, folk customs and architecture.


Lunch will be served in Yantian Seafood Street, Yantian District.


Yantian Seafood Street is one of eight famous dining streets in Shenzhen city. It is located at the seafront and is close to the new Yantian container port which is the largest in southern China. It is claimed to be the fourth largest in the world.


Yantian Town still retains the old fishing village harbour and docks. The local people still go fishing every day and keep its fishing community traditions. Seafood is fresh and plentiful and there is a wholesale market and a dried seafood market in addition to the restaurants which offer a wide variety of seafood at bargain prices.


After lunch, proceed to Dafen Oil Painting Village, located in Long Gang District. The village occupies approx. 4 square kilometers and originally housed about 300  inhabitants.. In 1989, Mr. Huang Jiang, a Hong Kong artist, went to Da Fen and  rented some residential buildings. He hired arts students and artists to create oil paintings, original and imitations, for export. The end result is a special industry in Da Fen Village, with Da Fen Oil Paintings becoming famous at home in China and abroad.

Since 1998, the local government has nurtured Da Fen Oil Painting Village and there are now 622 galleries and over 5000 artists. In addition to paintings, one can also purchase calligraphy, arts and crafts, sculptures and artists supplies such as picture frames and the paints themselves.


It is very interesting to merely stroll through the galleries, enjoying the atmosphere of the place and admiring some of the extraordinary work on offer. A visit to the Museum is also rewarding because you will see some original works by some of the most important Da Fen artists.


Continue to Lychee Park, located in the centre of Shenzhen City. Here you will savour the local people’s extraordinary park culture. The Park’s architectural features, the bridges and buildings, are mainly in traditional Chinese style. The Park contains a rich variety of plants and trees including many Lychee trees.


There are different activities going on all the time, with tai-chi classes, locals, young and old, dancing to lively pop music. You will also see ballroom dancers doing the cha cha, the tango or the quick step. It’s an amazing sight.


Musicians will be encountered playing both traditional Chinese and Western musical instruments and both classical and modern music. Singers will be performing pop songs, folk songs and traditional Chinese opera from the different regions of China.


In addition to all this you will see sports such as badminton and shuttlecock and even body builders strutting their stuff as well.


There's an open ball room for morning and evening dancers and a children's park with a merry-go-round and a mini pagoda.

Couples may be seen taking their wedding photographs beside bridges and in beautiful natural settings.


On Sunday afternoons, there is an English speaking corner in a small pavilion by the boating lake. It is popular with young Chinese students wanting to practice their spoken English with friends and foreign visitors.


It is just like being in New York’s Central Park, with skyscrapers looming not far
away. At a corner exit, there is a huge poster of Deng Xiao Ping, the former leader of the communist party and the chief engineer of Shenzhen. It was he who first visualized the creation of this brand new, huge and very exciting city.


The creation of the Special Economic Zone enabled the city to grow from a tiny fishing village to a thriving modern city, virtually overnight. This reverence
to Deng Xiao Ping is very real and you can't help but enjoy the locals taking photos next to their hero.

You are very welcome to join in with the park's activities and remain behind well into the night.