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Luxury amid the Rice Terraces - 3 days/ 2 nights




A trip to China isn’t complete without experiencing the spectacular Longji rice terraces, carved into the mountainside and dating back more than 650 years to the Yuan Dynasty. It’s quite an adventure getting there, but after an interesting drive and a hike up the mountain to the quaint village of Ping An, you eventually reach  wonderful Li-An Lodge, with it’s breathtaking views of the magnificent rice terraces and surrounding mountains.


Visit the site below to view pictures of the Li An Lodge and surrounding areas.    

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Day 1         

Depart Hong Kong by air                 Arrive Guilin

Met on arrival and transfer by private car to the beautiful Longsheng Rice Terraces. This itinerary is especially well suited to those who enjoy walking. It is quite a long walk from the entrance gates up to the village of Ping An, which is surrounded by magnificent rice terraces.

Your hotel sits majestically at the top of Ping An village and commands spectacular views.

Hotel: Li-An Lodge


Li –An Lodge is an entirely wooden structure, built utilising the traditional Chinese tongue and groove building skills and all done without a single nail.

Keren Su, a renowned photographer, painter and adventurous world traveler, discovered this spot during a photography trip in 1997 and it took him 8 years to design and finish this one-of-a-kind lodge, where Chinese tradition meets modern luxury. As such it’s the only lodge in the area to offer first class western amenities, like well-insulated and air-conditioned guest rooms, with hot water showers and international direct dial phones, plus drinkable tap water and laundry service.

Being an accomplished artist, Keren has used over 100 authentic antique pieces from his private collection, as well as photographic works and paintings, to decorate the interior of the lodge.

Each of the 16 rooms is designed with a distinctive theme and with matching objects on display. A detailed explanation accompanies every treasured piece, telling the history and folklore behind it.

Open the window of your room and another masterpiece is on display. The rolling mountains that surround the lodge are sculptured with tightly packed terraces, extending for hundreds of miles.

The best time to visit is April, when the terraces are filled with water, but no matter what time of year, the terraces present their own unique seasonal perspective and beauty. In summer, the green seedlings dance with the breeze. In autumn, the fields are covered in gold. And, in winter, the snow-covered terraces provide an unforgettable picture.



Back down to earth and the lodge has a well-equipped business centre with high-speed internet and a restaurant serving delicious Chinese and Western cuisine, plus a cozy well-stocked bar and a spacious living room that invites socialization.

During the day, guided hiking tours are available to the surrounding area, where you’ll meet the most wonderfully warm and charming people, making it really difficult to drag yourself away.


Day 2  

At leisure to enjoy hiking through the rice terraces, shopping in the numerous little shops and souvenir stalls, or enjoying the interesting local restaurants, coffee shops, tea houses and bars.



 Day 3   

Depart Ping An and drive back to Guilin Airport.      Depart Guilin by air

Arrive Hong Kong



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