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Beautiful “Yangshuo” - on Hong Kong’s Doorstep 5 days/ 4 nights







Regarded for centuries as the most scenically beautiful region of China and depicted in Chinese paintings for centuries, Guilin, the gateway to Yangshuo, is only a one hour flight from Hong Kong, or an overnight journey by train from Shenzhen.



The primary reason Hong Kong residents visit this blissful part of rural China, is to get away from the noise and crowds of the big city. You can make this itinerary as busy or as quiet as you wish, because all of the suggested sightseeing is optional. Not only that, it is a completely private arrangement. You can adjust the itinerary as you wish and even as you are moving around. Let us know what you would like to include and we’ll provide you with a quotation.




Day 1    


Depart Hong Kong by air

               Arrive Guilin

               Met on arrival and transfer directly to Yangshuo, a journey of approximately ninety minutes.

               Hotel: Yangshuo Mountain Retreat or Yangshuo Outside Inn


Yangshuo Mountain Retreat:  Simple, authentic, and sustainable are the leading qualities behind this American owned and locally run ecolodge surrounded by limestone karst peaks. Located about an hour’s drive, and a world away, from the bustling tourist city of Guilin.


You won’t find TV or telephones here, but you will spot water buffalo bathing amid emerald paddies as farmers till their fields by hand. Though the fairy-tale landscape has inspired Chinese poets and artists for centuries, it is also popular with today’s back-packers, who are eager to tap into outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and river-rafting on bamboo rafts, along with visiting traditional villages. The lodge supports local initiatives such as a school for children with physical disabilities. ( National Geographic Magazine )


Yangshuo Outside Inn  (a budget alternative)


Run by a Dutchman, this fabulous farmhouse-turned hostel surrounded by rural vistas is located 4km southwest of Yángshuò. The whole adobe complex is filled with rustic charm and a communal feel, which gives you a glimpse of rural life in China without compromising the standard of hygiene and comfort. An annexe with modern-furnished family suites was recently added. It's close to the Yùlóng River. ( Lonely Planet )






Day 2




Morning sightseeing


A bicycle ride through the spectacular Yulong River valley from Yangshuo Mountain Retreat brings you to the Yulong (Dragon) Bridge (about 18 km). This beautiful stone bridge was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). With weeds sprouting from cracks in the stonework, the bridge has stood for hundreds of years and is likely to remain for many years to come. It is especially beautiful when the surrounding willow trees are green and the peach trees are in blossom.



Here you will embark a bamboo raft for two and will be poled downstream through beautiful riverine scenery overhung by majestic bamboos, past the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, to Jiuxian village. Jiuxian is an ancient village with its roots in the Tang dynasty. There are numerous Ming and Qing dynasty houses still in good condition. You will gain a real appreciation for the intricate beauty associated with these architectural styles. Other structures include the Li Ancestral Hall and the three metre high city wall, of which approximately 800 metres still stands.



The raft ride will take approximately ninety minutes and it is a short bike ride back to Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, approximately 9 km.


Afternoon at leisure.


In the evening attend the “Impression Sanjie Liu”, performed at the world’s largest landscape theatre. World-famous director Zhang Yimou, who successfully directed the opening and closing ceremonies of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, spent three and a half years completing this huge undertaking which utilizes the local population as performers and twelve limestone peaks which stretch for 2km along the Li River, as the backdrop.






Day 3



Morning sightseeing


Depart by taxi for the riverside in Yangshuo. Board a motorized bamboo boat on the Li River and ride downstream past Fuli to Liugong.


Liugong is less visited by tourists and has managed to maintain its cultural identity, traditional architecture, Ming dynasty houses and simple farming life. In ancient times there were four famous pavilions standing above the river but now only one remains, the Deyue Tower. Stroll through the ancient lanes and lose yourself in Chinese literature.


Return to Fuli with its old streets and fan painting workshops. With a history stretching back some 1300 years to the Tang dynasty, Fuli is situated on the Li River and has several interesting gates, one of which is the ancient Kuixing Tower which affords some beautiful river views.  Fuli is especially colourful on market days. The market operates on days of the month with 2, 5 and 8, ie 2nd , 12th , 15th etc.


Return to Hotel.


Afternoon at leisure.





Day 4



Morning sightseeing  (For the energetic, an off-the-beaten-track adventure. It is not a technically difficult hike but it does involve some climbing. You will need good shoes and long pants. )


Depart by taxi along a very scenic route, with some wonderful viewpoints of the Li River and the karst landscape. The destination is Stone Village, a fascinating Qing dynasty village where the houses were originally all build out of stacked natural stones. Due to development the stone houses are slowly being replaced by concrete new houses, but there still some preserved original houses to be seen and some fascinating ruines. perched on top of a limestone peak. The village was once a garrison town and the ancient gates and walls are still largely intact. It’s a steep climb up to the “old town” where the wall begins. Once at the top you can hike to all four of the main gates following old pathways, past interesting ruins and old houses constructed with stapled natural stone, several of which are still occupied. Return to your hotel by taxi.


Afternoon at leisure





Day 5       At leisure


                Transfer to Guilin Airport

                Depart Guilin by air

                Arrive Hong Kong




These itineraries are suggested arrangements only and you can adjust them as you wish.  The cost will depend on the number of persons traveling. The cost will include accommodation at either of the hotels named, including at Yangshuo Mountain Retreat a room with a balcony/ terrace overlooking the river, daily breakfast, English and Mandarin speaking guide, bicycles, bamboo rafts, bamboo boats and all transportation as required.