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Hong Kong is comprised of some 263 islands and its surrounding waters are ideal for sailing and cruising.

The most famous stretch of water in Hong Kong is the narrow strait that separates Hong Kong Island from Kowloon, although land reclamation has shortened the distance. It remains a very busy seaway, with tugs, barges, patrol boats, pilot boats, pleasure craft and passenger ships, all plying the busy waters.

Concorde Travel is able to access one of the largest fleets of boats, junks and  pleasure craft in Hong Kong. These are ideal for all occasions, whether for private leisure trips or for corporate occasions. The vessels vary from a traditional Chinese junk to a recreation of a large Chinese sailing craft with three red sails, to an 85ft motor cruiser.

Why not consider one of these attractive, crewed and catered vessels for a birthday party, cocktail or dinner party, corporate day out or just a good fun day on the water with your friends.





Concorde Travel can offer you a magnificent sailing ship, the only "tall ship" available in these waters. The magnificent vessel is a replica of the famous "Bounty" and it can be chartered, complete with a crew who really do know their ropes. The "Bounty" can carry up to 60 guests and the decks and the decks and rigging offer a wonderful backdrop to virtually any event, from a corporate function to a wedding feast.





Consider a sailing yacht which you can sail yourself, if you have the expertise.  If you don't know how to sail yourself, a skipper and crew can easily be arranged.

The yacht pictured left is the 44 foot "Harlequin".  She is available for full day, or longer charters.

The yacht can be delivered to one of Hong Kong's public piers or one of the numerous locations throughout the territory.

Please call Robert for rates and availability.






You will have often seen these traditional, teak built junks, around Hong Kong.

Junks are probably the most popular vessels on hire. They come in varying sizes and can be used to ferry a group of friends to one of the outer islands for a seafood meal, to cruise around Hong Kong and its busy harbour, or to make a trip to one of the many sheltered bays at the outlying islands where you can relax and swim all day.





Arrangements can also be made to have prepared meals awaiting you on board your junk. An attractive menu is available to choose from , or for that very special occasion a Party Organiser can be called upon to suggest the perfect selection of foods and drinks for your guests.

The normal rental periods are, daytime 1000 to 1800 hours, or night-time 1900 to 2300 hours.

Pick-up points can be at any of the public piers but it is the responsibility of the charterer to ensure that all the guests arrive at the selected departure point on time. The hire period cannot be extended if the vessel is kept waiting.

Please use the CONTACT US link to send an enquiry and we will assist you to choose the right boat for your special occasion or just a jolly day out with friends.




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The relatively remote islands of the northeast New Territories of Hong Kong cover some 3000 hectares and are part of the Hong Kong Geopark. This region is an ideal place to appreciate natural landscape, ecological habitats and rural lifestyle, which reflect  the diversity and contrast that Hong Kong offers.

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